Saturday, June 10, 2006

Debra Bowen wins primary - an open voting victory!

As a developer of open voting solutions, I'm very pleased that Debra Bowen won the primary for secretary of state in California. Debra supports open voting, and often where California goes the nation follows. Let's watch her closely to see if her actions match her words. You can hear some of the promises about open voting from the secretary of state democratic debate here. The full debate is here.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I'm a member of the Open Voting Consortium, (OVC). They're a great group and deserve your support as well.

Here is what OVC has to say about Bowen's victory.

Bowen-Ortiz Debate

California State Senator Debra Bowen won the Democratic Party endorsement for the office of Secretary of State at the convention last weekend. In the debate with Senator Deborah Ortiz, her opponent in the primary, she condemns Diebold and says, emphatically, "we need open source voting software that is publicly owned and not proprietary...." Click here to listen to that part.

Or, you can listen to the whole debate. Willie Brown is the moderator. Senator Bowen received over eighty percent of the delegates' votes!

As the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle put it a week earlier, Bowen lives up to the idea that, "An individual's actions should be presumed private, while a government's actions should be presumed public." I believe that axiom, too. Don't you?

There is no candidate for office this year anywhere in the United States more deserving of support from people who care about the future of democracy. Please visit her campaign web site and see what you can do for her.


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